Waleed K Mirdad

Doctoral Candidate | mirdadw@oregonstate.edu

Waleed K Mirdad is a research assistant and PhD candidate at Oregon State University in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. He received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from King AbdulAziz University in Saudi Arabia and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University. He worked for SRMCO Company in Saudi Arabia after completing his bachelors focusing on lean manufacturing implementation.

For his masters his research goal was to improve the rate of successful lean implementation and sustenance. Specifically, he sought to address (a) the confusion in the lean nomenclature, (b) the link between lean principles, associated practices, and performance measures that incentivize lean behavior, and (c) the need for effective performance measurement systems for lean systems management.

Waleed extended his Masters work to devise educational tools and decision support systems for lean implementation and management in healthcare and other product design and development settings. As a member of the Pi Group, Waleed conducts research on lean conceptualization with a focus on lean education strategies and diffusion of lean mindset.